One week learn to kite Tarifa

one week kite course

This is a comprehensive kite course in Tarifa, for people who wish to practice kitesurfing independently. After the five-day kite course, 90 % of our students can continue practicing with their own gear.

5 days kite surf course - Course Length 15 hours - Course fee 350 euros (tax included).

Day 1
Learn the theoretical base and the basics of security, which is necessary knowledge to get started in this sport. The lesson will begin by teaching you how to properly set up the kite, know its components and security system. We are going to explain you how a power kite works, what the wind window is, and how to move the kite to generate power. Then you will practice how to safely direct and control the kite. The goal for your first day of kitesurfing is to learn to launch and land the kite and to recognize the power of the kite.

Day 2
On the second day of your kite surfing classes, you will enter the water where you will go over everything you learned the first day on land. The objectives in this second class are: the body drag and the re-launch of the kite from the water.
BODY DRAG: Move through the water using the power of the kite. With body drag you will enjoy the first feeling of tension and power of the kite in the water. The goal of body dragging is to control the kite with your body movement. You will gain confidence and achieve proficiency in the handling of the kite. The exercise is fun and safe.
RELAUNCH OF KITE: On your second day you’re going to learn to launch the kite off the water. This useful exercise is very easy to undertake with our kites DELTA art, specifically designed to facilitate your learning. To finish this second kitesurf class you will have a first contact with the board and the kite in the water.

Day 3
The goal for the third day of Kitesurfing lessons is the WATER START. After your second lesson of Kitesurfing, where you get kite control on the water, and learned to navigate using the power of the kite, you will enjoy your first ride on the board. This third day to learn kitesurfing, is the most technical one. Our experienced instructors will correct you to help you accomplish the goal of the waterstart. We're going to teach you the best tricks that will be easier to climb on the board. We will correct your position on the board so that your progress is very fast.

Days 4 and 5
Navigate and enjoy the kitesurfing with the assistance of an instructor that will give you the best tips to evolve and perfect your technique.

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