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gisela pulido

"Kitesurfing is improvement, is emotion, is evasion, is living in the moment intensely"
Gisela Pulido

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Special kite equipment

In the Gisela Pulido Pro Center we have set the goal to provide the best possible kitesurf learning experience. Together with the sponsors of Gisela we have developed the most advanced equipment for learning and practice kite surfing.

All of our students enjoy the latest gear available. Our wetsuits are specifically designed by Rip Curl to guarantee maximum comfort. Our Dakine harnesses are designed to help transmit the power of the kite to the board, and in addition offer greatest comfort. Also we have developed our own safety vest model where we combine maximum floatability and protection against impact, all with ease of use.

Without doubt the most important element when practicing kitesurf is the kite. In the Gisela Pulido Pro Center we use the Best Kahoona, a kite model that facilitates access to sport and ensures proper technical development of the student. The Bets Kahoona is a Delta C kites. This is a hybrid kite, which has two of the best advantages of a kite: 100 % power control, and touch and ease of controlling a C kite.
With our gear it will be much easier to understand the wind window and areas of more or less power. Without a doubt, you will appreciate this!

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Evolving kitesurfing system

Another essential component is the kite bar. In the Gisela Pulido Pro Center we use a unique bar model equipped with the latest generation safety system. We have developed a system based on the possibility of change in length of lines. Therefore all of our bars are equipped with extensions that our instructors incorporate or remove, to provide the student with an understanding of the principles that rule kitesurfing.

The last required element is the kite board. While in the early stages of practicing kitesurf any large board will take you to ride by the energy of the kite, in the Gisela Pulido Pro Center we have worked on a board design to help you learn to navigate in a free posture. With our boards you will easily find the correct position for navigation, as they are developed to flow through the water.

For maximum satisfaction of our students, we have a team of international instructors with over 10 years of experience. They are all well trained instructors looking at each kitesurfing lesson as a personal challenge. They will put all their enthusiasm in getting you to enjoy the feeling of kitesurfing, without ever forgetting your safety.

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Our kite courses

In Gisela Pulido Pro Center we offer a wide variety of kite courses tailored to your needs. Courses in small groups of a maximum of 4 students; private and semi private lessons of 3 or 4 hours per day. Write to us with your needs and we made a course for you.

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