Basic kitesurf course

basic kitesurf course

Do you want to have a first try with kitesurfing and then decide if this sport is for you? Try the kite with our basic course.

Basic kitesurf course - Course duration 3 hours - Course fee 70 euros (including taxes).

Our first kite class will show you the basics of the sport. We will teach you how to properly set up the kite and the security protocols to follow in case of need.
It is very important to know the security systems and to know how to use it. The best way to avoid an accident is to prevent it. Once you are familiar with the kite, we teach you to recognize the flying zone. Choosing the right place and the correct orientation with respect to the wind direction are very important aspects to consider.

Then we'll give you the best tips and tricks to fly the kite in the shortest time possible. Our motivation is that you can move quickly to the second phase of the course.
The goal to achieve in your first lesson day is to learn to move the kite in the wind window and to recognize areas of both little and strong power. You will also learn how to launch and land the kite correctly and safely.

This course is taught in small groups of a maximum of 4 students per instructor. All equipment necessary for the course is included in the price, as well as liability insurance.
The course fee is 70 € with taxes included.

If you already have some experience in kiteboarding, we can do a few small checks and you can start directly with the second phase of the course.

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Tips for your kitesurf course

Kitesurfing is a very accessible sport and suitable for all kinds of persons. It is not necessary to be in great shape to enjoy your kite lessons.

Note that kiting is an outdoor activity. It is important to be well hydrated and use sunscreen. So do not forget to bring water and sunscreen and last but not least your desire to have fun. We will provide everything else.

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