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Gisela Pulido Pro Center, the kite school & store of 10-times World Champion, gives you a wide variety of kite courses tailored to your needs. Courses in small groups of a maximum of 4 students, private and semi-private courses of 3 or 4 hours per day. Write us with your needs and we prepare a course for you

Below you can see a selection of our most popular courses.

basic kitesurf course
Basic kitesurf course

Do you want to have a first try with kitesurfing and then decide if this sport is for you? Try the kite with our basic course.

Basic kitesurf course - Course duration 3 hours - Course fee 70 euros (including taxes).

Our first kite class will show you the basics of the sport. We will teach you how to properly set up the kite and the security protocols...

baptism kite course
Bautismo de kite surf

Want to explore more of the world of kite surfing? Get ready for an exciting experience, with our baptism of kitesurfing course.

Baptism kite course - 6 hours course length - Course fee 140 euros (tax included).

After your first experience with the kite where you learn the basics for getting started safely in this sport, get ready for more thrills!

complete kite course
Complete kite course

Are you determined to learn to kite surf? Get to know our complete kitesurfing course. A course where you will experience the feeling of surfing powered by a kite.

Full Course Kitesurf - 9 hours Course length - 210 euros Course fee (tax included).

On your first day of the course you will get to know the basics of kitesurfing.

one week kite course
One week learn to kite

This is a comprehensive kite course in Tarifa, for people who wish to practice kitesurfing independently. After the five-day kite course, 90 % of our students can continue practicing with their own gear.

5 days kite surf course - Course Length 15 hours - Course fee 350 euros (tax included).

Learn the theoretical base and the basics of security, which is necessary knowledge to get started in this sport.

private kitesurfing lessons
Private kitesurf course

Want to learn kitesurfing in an exclusive way? Get to know our private kite course, the quickest and safest way to learn kitesurfing.

Private kite course - Course duration 2 hours - 148 euros Course fee (tax included).

The option to learn kitesurfing through a private course is definitely the fastest and safest way to learn kite surfing. We offer private kite courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

kite gear rental
Kite gear rental

Are you going to spend a few days in Tarifa and you do not want to bring your kite gear? In the Gisela Pulido Pro Center we offer the possibility to rent kitesurf equipment.

Kite Gear rental in Tarifa - 70 euros day – Everything included.

If you have experience in kitesurfing and you can ride upwind, you can enjoy our rental offer. The rental includes board, kite, bar, harness, and wetsuit.