Complete kite course in Tarifa Spain

complete kite course

Are you determined to learn to kite surf? Get to know our complete kitesurfing course. A course where you will experience the feeling of surfing powered by a kite.

Full course kitesurf - 9 hours course length - 210 euros course fee (tax included).

On your first day of the course you will get to know the basics of kitesurfing. You will learn how to identify a good place to set up the equipment and to orientate the set up based on the direction of the wind. We pay special attention to all the safety mechanisms and teach you how to operate this properly.
Once familiar with the kite gear we show you how to maneuver and control the kite. The aim of the first day of the course is to use the power of the kite to facilitate your movement on land.

The second day of the course we will review what you learned on the first day and you will work directly with the kite in the sea. The aim is to be able to move the kite over to different directions in the sea. Also you will learn how to re-launch the kite from the water, easy with our evolved Delta C kite (Best Kahoona V7), a hybrid type of kite designed by Best Kiteboarding to facilitate the learning of kitesurfing.

The goal for the third lesson day is the WATER START. After your second lesson of Kitesurfing, where you get control of the kite in the water, and learned to navigate using the power of the kite, you will enjoy your first ride on the water.
This third day of the course, is the most technical. Our experienced instructors will correct you to help you accomplish the goal of the waterstart. We're going to teach you the best tricks, so that it will be easier to climb on the board. We will correct your position on the board so you will progress very fast.

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one week kitesurf course
One week learn to kite Tarifa

This is a comprehensive kite course in Tarifa, for people who wish to practice kitesurfing independently. After the five-day kite course, 90 % of our students can continue practicing with their own gear.

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In our kite store you will find an extensive selection of sports equipment of all my sponsors. Best Ktebording, Dakine, Rip Curl, Nilox, Baby G and Ocean Sunglasses.