Baptism kite course Tarifa

baptism kite course

Want to explore more of the world of kite surfing? Get ready for an exciting experience, with our baptism of kitesurfing course.

Baptism kite course - 6 hours course length - Course fee 140 euros (tax included).

After your first experience with the kite where you learn the basics for getting started safely in this sport, get ready for more thrills!

Your second class will be your baptism to kitesurfing. This second day of the course you will continue exercises to control the movement of the kite, but from the water. We're going to teach you how to use the kite through the water, with respect to the wind direction. This exercise is called BODY DRAG. You'll feel the energy that you are able to generate using kite. Adrenaline is guaranteed!
The added difficulty to this exercise compared to the exercise from the first days is the lack of support. You will have to manage the kite while floating on the sea. You will cause imbalances that force you to compensate with your body as you move into different directions.
The feeling of travelling on the sea driven by the energy of the kite, is without a doubt one of the most rewarding aspects of this kite course.

Controlling the kite with your body is the main goal to achieve in the second day of the course. The next goal is to be able to re-launch the kite. We're going to teach you to lift the kite from the water. The re-launch is a basic aspect that you must master to not delay your progression. This useful exercise is very easy to understand with our latest generation DELTA kites (Best Kahoona), specifically designed to ease your learning.

To end this second kitesurf class you will have a first experience with both board and kite in the water.

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Tips for your kitesurf course

In the Gisela Pulido Pro Center kitesurf school only inflatable kite types are used. These kites are called kites with a Leading Edge Inflatable kite (L.E.I.). The kites have been specially designed for kitesurfing, and its main feature is that it can easily be re-launched from the water.

When choosing your kite school make sure that you have a LEI kite. Learning with trainer-type kites (small paragliding) is very slow and confusing. We only advise the trainer kites for students with severe coordination problems or with children weighing less than 40kg.

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Complete kite course

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